Noble Life International, with its combined headquarters in Singapore and the Philippines, was established in 2006. It has widened its offices in Europe, UAE, Hong Kong, Macau, Cambodia and continues to expand to other parts of the world.

Noble Life markets a variety of organic health foods and offers products through various channels, including direct marketing and retail, from its team of top health speakers and educators. NLI also conducts sales and career advancement training programs.


A globally competitive organization dedicated to changing people’s lives through upgrading their way of life not just physically, emotionally, and spiritually but through financial stability via the provision of products for better health which will positively impact their lifestyles using both a preventive and reactive approach to life-threatening diseases.


To be a global leader in helping people succeed in upgrading their way of life, expanding globally, and continuing to touch people’s lives in responding to health challenges and economic situations across the globe. It is also our mandate to develop a group of competent, dedicated, and motivated partners.


Cleanse has the perfect blend of fiber to supplement your diet. It contains insoluble fibers, which act as a broom to clean up the waste stuck on the walls of the colon, and helps prebiotics and probiotics to function more efficiently. Also, it has soluble fibers that help to bind toxins together to be removed by excretion and to lessen their re-absorption.
CryptoMonadales is a thermophilic strain of Chlorella Sorokiniana, yet DIFFERENT from any known strain that was evaluated by RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA analysis). The RAPD findings show that the UNIQUENESS of Cryptomonadales (W87-10 strain) is markedly different from the other strains of Chlorella sorokiniana.